We've partnered with the musicians’ charity Help Musicians to learn more about the impact of tinnitus on professional musicians. 

Our 'Music to Your Ears' report documents the findings of a study into the experiences of professional musicians with tinnitus in the UK, including what support they receive, or might need, to help them manage living with the condition.

We developed the report in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, with funding from Help Musicians (the Musicians Benevolent Fund).

Based on the findings, four key recommendations were developed: 

  1. Support: tinnitus support groups for musicians, by musicians
  2. Tinnitus management: support focused on relaxation techniques
  3. An understanding and informed approach: encouraging knowledge, empathy, and awareness of tinnitus amongst friends, family and those who work with musicians
  4. Music education evaluation: tinnitus prevention and promoting healthy hearing

Read or download the full report below:

Download your copy here:

Music to Your Ears report