As support group manager for the BTA it’s a real privilege to work with volunteers from all over the country who are providing support to people with tinnitus in their community.

In June this year we reached the amazing milestone of 100 groups across the country. This goes to show that even with technology at our fingertips, a source of endless information, there is no substitute for face to face interaction and mutual support.

These groups can be a real lifeline for people. They not only provide access to information and advice, but can simply be a place to share stories with people who understand, and to hear from others and how they live with tinnitus.

I’ve seen long-lasting friendships emerge from these groups and quite a number of attendees living well with their tinnitus continue to go to each meeting to help support others rather than themselves. Many groups hold social events, Christmas parties and go on day-trips together too. All of which help to reduce the feeling of isolation that can come with tinnitus, and to create a better quality of life for people with the condition.

However even with 100 groups, there are still many areas without any access to peer support. We aim to proactively encourage and support new groups to emerge across the country to make sure that support groups are an option for everyone, regardless of your postcode.

To find your nearest Tinnitus Support Group, please check our directory here