Phil Maull, 52-year-old from Folkestone, is showing his support for the tinnitus community by completing FIVE 50km ultramarathons this year to raise awareness and vital funds.

Phil shared: "I want to help the tinnitus community because my mum suffers from it so badly. She doesn’t just get hissing but drumming sounds and drilling. I know she can find it debilitating but she just carries on so well which I really admire. She has always been there for me and now it’s my turn to give something back."

When asked 'Why 5 x 50k ultramarathons?', Phil replied "Well why not? I have done some Marathons previously and wanted a real challenge and this certainly is! I did my first Ultra last December over the Surrey Hills called the Hurtwood 50K and loved it. Super friendly people and a great atmosphere of just wanting to survive the course as it’s hilly! I completed it in 7hrs 15 mins."

"I now train about 6 days a week so if you’re doing one you might as well go in for a few more? Another motivation is the medals! I’m 52 and have discovered a love of ‘bling’!! I never really got medals as a child as I wasn’t that sporty but I’m making up for lost time now! I guess it’s the medals I’m looking forward to the most and the chance to run a few of these with friends from Folkestone Running Club that have been so supportive of me."

"My mum has always been very supportive of me through life’s ups and downs. Her and my dad have been so supportive of my running that it's great to be able to give something back. My mum suffers terribly debilitating tinnitus. I'd like to help her, and others that suffer from its effects."

Phil has raised £365 towards his £1,000 fundraising goal so far. Please help him reach his target by donating online and sharing his JustGiving page - he'd really appreciate your support.


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