We’re delighted to be able to offer an exclusive sponsorship package to our Corporate Members during Tinnitus Week 2021.

Just three of these opportunities will be available to those companies who wish to show their support for both the British Tinnitus Association and the tinnitus community as a whole.

This Tinnitus Week sponsorship package will give you access and exposure to a potential audience of up to 150,000 people during Tinnitus Week both in the UK and beyond.

The cost for the Tinnitus Week 2021 sponsorship package is £750, and will include:

  • A Tinnitus Week 2021 sponsor logo
  • Blog space on the BTA website
  • Video sharing to promote awareness/your business
  • Posts on BTA social media channels
  • Content in our dedicated Tinnitus Week e-newsletter

If you would like to support Tinnitus Week with one of these sponsorship packages, or have any further questions, please get in touch with [email protected] 

[Content guidelines and deadlines will be supplied. Sponsors will be responsible for providing content which will be subject to approval from the BTA]