Tinnitus Adviser Training 
Nottingham - April 05-06

This weekend we held the Tinnitus Adviser Training course in Nottingham. A mix of delegates from NHS, private practice and organisations came together to learn a range of skills beneficial in working with tinnitus patients.

The course gives professionals from any background who work with tinnitus patients the chance to learn a counselling-based model of support to use in a range of scenarios in their work with patients.

Led by a Charted Counselling Psychologist and Registered Psychotherapist, through a mix of teaching styles, delegates are taught counselling skills and about the counselling process and through role play they put them into practice, with a focus on the process to the adjustment of living with tinnitus.

Another component of the course is input on Audiological services, clinical set up, diagnostical assessments and treatment and management options. This is typically rounded off with a Mindfulness exercise which clinicians can replicate in their own setting with patients.

The Tinnitus Advisor Training also includes Medical Session where delegates can quiz a tinnitus expert on any aspect of tinnitus, for this course outing that session was led by David Baguley, Professor in Hearing Sciences at the Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre.

In an informal setting, questions were taken from the group and then over the course of two hours Professor Baguley worked through their ‘Tinnitus FAQs’ with the group sharing their own experiences and knowledge with each other too in a collaborative conversation.

The popular session can often prove a highlight with delegates this time saying they could “happily sit through double the time” and that the session was “brilliant!”   


The Tinnitus Adviser Training course will next be running in London on the 7th and 8th June, there are a small number of places still available – find out more here