British Tinnitus Association Cookie Policy


The British Tinnitus Association gathers and stores elements of your personal data when you visit our website at We do this by placing a limited time data file, or cookie, on your computer when you arrive on the site, look at a page, make a secure purchase or click on a link to go to one of our social media sites.

Why do we do this?

Nearly all websites use some form of tracking cookie or functional cookie to help the website owner analyse how you move around a website, determine which pages are most popular and securely sign you into an account if you are making a purchase or updating your contact information.

What is the aim of our cookie policy?

You can read our cookie policy here.

The BTA, as a charity, doesn’t monetise our website – this means that you won’t see advertising when you visit us, so our cookies only help us analyse how you find our site, how long you stay on it and what information you are interested in. We have never sold or traded personal data with any organisation and that won’t change.

Why are you telling me this now?

The General Data Protection Regulation is introduced in May 2018 and aims to give you more control over the collection of your personal data and how it is used by the organisations which use it. You can withdraw your permission to be contacted more easily and let us know what information you want to receive from us.  This affects all of the websites that you visit, including We want you to trust the BTA and know that your information is safe with us.

How we incorporate GDPR into what the BTA does already

We take the security and confidentiality of member data very seriously and already comply with the UK’s Data Protection Act. We are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner, the UK’s independent authority overseeing your personal data rights. We are also registered with the Fundraising Regulator, which regulates the behaviour of charities and their fundraising activities.

Our Data Promise

The BTA collects data from visitors to our website, financial supporters and customers of our online store to deliver services and products to you. Your rights to have contact details removed from our database at any time will be respected.  Where exceptions to this standard exist – for example, where HMRC requires us to keep Gift Aid records for audit reasons – we will let you know. We won’t sell your data to third parties, allow unethical companies to process data on our behalf and will respond to any complaints quickly and sensitively. We will do the right thing and continue to support the tinnitus community in the UK.