Today, we held the very first meeting of the Tinnitus Researcher Network – a community designed to get researchers with a tinnitus interest together to talk about their work, their future plans, and look at increasing collaboration across the sector, starting in the UK.

Image from the Zoom screen of the attendees of the inaugural Tinnitus Research Network

We’ve launched the Tinnitus Researcher Network as we've been thinking for a while about how to support researchers and strengthen the research community, to foster connections and to develop ideas together.

At the Tinnitus Roundtable event that we held in the House of Commons at the beginning of the year, one of the key points raised was that if we really want to develop the tinnitus research community, then we need to think about capacity, and how to build that capacity. We need to look at how to ensure that there's a community that's engaged with tinnitus research, talking to each other - and talking to other research disciplines as well.

But to go back a step – before we set up the Tinnitus Researcher Network, we surveyed tinnitus researchers from around the UK, and they agreed that a network would be a good idea. The research community told us that the top aims for that network should be to:

  • increase collaboration
  • talk to one another about their own work and plans for the future
  • understand what funding is available for tinnitus research and how to access it.

So, we’ve set up the Tinnitus Researcher Network to help meet those aims and ambitions. We hope that we will be able to do just that, and by fostering that wish for collaboration and development, it will give us the ability to increase capacity in tinnitus research.

The network will meet quarterly – please email [email protected] if you would like to be invited to the next meeting.

I’d like to say thank you to the early adopters who joined the first meeting! I’m very excited to welcome in new faces to the network as well as we progress. I’m incredibly optimistic as to where this could take us all.