This October saw another interesting and interactive session at our latest Tinnitus Researcher Network meeting. The network aims to build collaboration between attendees and encourage the sharing of research activities related to tinnitus. It also offers opportunities for personal career development within tinnitus research and related fields. 

The October session was hosted by four speakers from research centres across the UK. 

We heard from Derek Hoare from the Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre. Derek reflected on recent work that has been conducted at the centre including: the development of a paediatric tinnitus questionnaire, tinnitus and cognition, and hearing aids and tinnitus. 

Helen Pryce represented Aston University. Helen is interested in the social and management side of tinnitus stemming from her background as a hearing therapist. She discussed ongoing work at the centre including: patient preferences for care in Saudi Arabia, the burden of tinnitus on the patient, the connection between depression and tinnitus, and how family members and significant others of those with tinnitus can contribute to their coping with the condition.  

Eldre Beukes from Anglia Ruskin University discussed her research on how significant others are affected by those with tinnitus. Her paper has been accepted and will be published soon. 

Finally, Gaby Saunders discussed the early stages of research surrounding Covid-19 and tinnitus conducted by the University of Manchester. 

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The Tinnitus Researcher Network is open to all tinnitus researchers or those with an interest in getting involved. The network meets quarterly, and the next meeting will take place Thursday 27 January. 

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Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash