As many of you may know, the London Marathon went virtual this year due to Covid-19, meaning participants were able to complete their own 26.2 mile route within 24 hours on Sunday 4 October.

It’s safe to say there are no professional (or even casual) runners within our staff team at the British Tinnitus Association BUT we want a world where no one suffers from tinnitus. This means we need to help people to manage their tinnitus now and, ultimately, find a cure.

With this in mind, a group of us dusted off our running shoes last weekend to complete at least 5K each to make up the total marathon distance and raise as much as we could. 

Helen kicked us off by completing 6.2km around Scarborough first thing in the morning shortly followed by Kerry, who completed her longest run on Strava, adding another 6km to our total.

Angela and I went crazy and challenged ourselves to 10km each. “What a challenge! Especially on a Sunday morning when all you can smell is people cooking their bacon sandwiches and fry ups, but it was all for a worthy cause.”. With this distance, our team had completed over a half marathon at 32.2km/20 miles by mid-day – what an achievement for a Sunday morning.

David traded his chilled Sunday morning for a 6km round Millhouses Park, taking us to 38.2km/23.7 miles - so close to our marathon distance.

Colette absolutely smashed her goal, even if it was accidental by not checking her Strava app, and completed 12.6km taking us over the virtual finish line - marathon complete! 

Helen T completed the first victory lap adding another 6.2km to the total. At this point we had collectively completed 57km/35.4 miles, going above and beyond our original goal. “Boy that was tough! My usual distance is 4.5km but that bit extra was HARD!”

Despite having an injured foot, Emily joined the challenge at the end of the day for our second victory lap (why not have two when we'd done so well) and added an extra 5.1km to our total. So, our final total was 62.1km/38.6 miles (which is nearly a marathon and a half). A brilliant effort from our team!

Even though there was no crowd to cheer us on, we felt the support from our friends, family and BTA community online so thank you! We have so far raised £328 towards our £500 goal. Thank you for all the donations, we really appreciate your support 💙

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