What is the Talking Tinnitus Expo about?

The Expo is the first of its kind, bringing together lots of the tools, techniques and information that are known to help people with tinnitus to one place, under one roof.

We know that a lot of people turn to the internet and whilst there is a lot of good information, there are also a lot of false promises for cures and treatments which aren’t proven or evidenced to work. We want to create a safe space to see the options that may work for you.

Who can attend?

The Expo is designed to be for people living with tinnitus, but anyone is welcome to come along and find out more. The expert advice and information will be helpful to friends and family, too. There will also be products and information for prevention and protecting your ears. Medical professionals will also find value in the day, but it's not intended to replace any professional training.

What will I learn from attending?

There will be the chance to try out a number of therapies and management techniques that are known to help some people with tinnitus. Tools for relaxing and reducing stress will be there to try for yourself. You’ll also get to visit the Exhibitor Hall and see for yourself what products and devices are out there. Developments in technology are happening all the time and things are coming onto the market that you might not be aware of yet.

Who will be presenting/talking?

There will be sessions repeated throughout the day hosted by a variety of experts from the psychology and medical worlds. They’ll be covering a range of topics and answering your most commonly asked questions.

Can you tell me more about the talks and sessions?

We're still booking speakers and finalising arrangements, but we have a number of exciting talks already programmed in. These include:

  • Will there ever be a cure?
  • Understanding the habituation process
  • My treatment choices
  • Introduction to bone conduction technology
  • Tinnitus research round-up
  • Tinnitus and sleep disturbance
  • Helping my tinnitus with hearing aids
  • Drugs and tinnitus
  • Case studies: how I learned to live well with 'T'

These will be repeated throughout the day, to give you a chance to go to as many sessions as possible.'

How much does it cost and how do I get a ticket?

Early bird tickets sold out. There are a limited number of £8 tickets for the 3pm slot but otherwise advance purchase tickets are just £12. On the door entry will be £20, so you're better buying tickets in advance!

There are four different entry times – 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Everything is running all day or repeated at different times throughout so whether you get there at 9am or 3pm you’ll not miss out.

You can get your tickets online at www.tinnitus.org.uk/talkingtinnitus or by calling us on 0114 250 9933

Is it going to be busy then?

We hope so! Ticket sales have started strongly and we are anticipating high demand. That is why we’ve staggered the entry times, so that it doesn’t get too loud and so that people can get around everything easily, see and try as many things as they wish to and there is a nice flow all day.

Will people be able to be referred for medical appointments?

The BTA has no power to make medical referrals so unfortunately no. What we can do is tell you about what tinnitus services there are in your area and talk you through what you may get from your GP or Audiology department.

Will there be an opportunity to speak with other people who have tinnitus?

It’s going to be a friendly atmosphere and we hope a very positive day. We will be having sessions designed to encourage interaction with each other as we know tinnitus can be isolating.

At the same time, if you just want to come and have a look around and not get involved with that part, that’s fine too.

How often does this event happen?

At the moment this is a one-time event. We’d love for this to be held annually but we can only see if the demand is there. If people don’t turn out then we can’t hold it again.

Will people be able to access information about the event afterwards? If so, how?

There is a wealth of information here on our website which is readily available 24/7 and anyone can call the BTA Helpline to speak to us there, but the idea for this is that the real benefit will be in coming along and seeing things for yourself.

However, we’ll be covering as much as we can across our social media channels and we’ll have a full report on the website afterwards!

More information and ticketing info www.tinnitus.org.uk/talkingtinnitus