About Bloom Hearing Specialists

Cornwall-based hearing company, Bloom Hearing Specialists offer a choice of in-home or in branch consultations and unlimited after-sales support. Their 50 hearing aid audiologists covering England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Bloom Hearing Specialists is one of the few companies that offers to visit customers in their own home and plan to expand this service offering across the UK. Bloom state that they aim to place the emphasis on helping customers find the right hearing solution for their needs. 

Why Bloom Hearing Specialists are supporting the BTA

"Tinnitus is one of the most common conditions that people experience. Our aim is to provide people with all the information and possible solutions to ease their tinnitus. It has been an enormous privilege to join the BTA in educating people and raising awareness of Tinnitus." 

Summary of services

• Free hearing assessments
• Free home visits
• Free Trial
• Same day fit
• 60 day money back guarantee
• Free Aftercare
• 4 year warranty
• Repair and Replacement service
• Connectivity at home

Corporate member since


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