About Cardiff Hearing

Cardiff Hearing is based within the welcoming private practice 'The Llandaff Clinic' in Llandaff North. Sonja Jones, Audiologist and owner of Cardiff Hearing, has a multidisciplinary team on hand including a physiotherapist, psychologist, and chiropractor, in order to provide a wholly holistic service.

Sonja works clinically with both children and adults with tinnitus and works very closely with musicians with tinnitus. She has delivered hearing workshops focusing on tinnitus to music colleges and within the media industry, a lecture about relaxation therapy at Specsavers Professional Advancement Conference in 2017, as well as tinnitus training as a consultant for Widex to a range of hearing health professionals.   

Why Cardiff Hearing are supporting the BTA

"I am supporting the BTA due to support innovation in Tinnitus treatment. By joining as a member, I hope to increase awareness of Tinnitus treatment pathways through the educational and clinical services I provide within my local community of Cardiff, and throughout the UK. No one should ever be told to “just get on with it” because there is so much more that we can do for Tinnitus than people, and indeed the medical profession, often realise. No one should have to struggle."

Summary of services

  • Tinnitus Assessment and treatment 
  • Hearing consultations - paediatrics and adults 
  • Hearing aids 
  • Noise protection for industry and music 
  • Earwax removal 
  • Education and consultant services for charities, education, and industry 

Corporate member since


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