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Make 2021 your year!

Virtual Race - Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is a world famous high altitude trail through Peru, starting at what is known as Kilometre 82 and culminating 25 miles later at Machu Pichu – The Lost City of the Incas. 

So if you would like to get your hands on one of these Inca treasures, run or walk 25 miles. You can complete the distance in one or as many efforts as you choose. 

Registration fee £13

To book, please visit Virtual Race - Inca Trail

Virtual Race - Team Gotham

Not all superheroes wear capes.....some have to fight crime in isolation!

The Dark Knight is currently recruiting new members, so it is time to get out there and run, run (5k) like you have seen the bat sign in the sky summoning you, like you are Dell-boy and Rodders on the mean streets of South London, or like you are late for your date with Catwoman…

Registration fee £13

To book, please visit Virtual Race - Team Gotham

Virtual Race - The Big Charity Run

What better way to stay fit during isolation and challenge yourself to complete 30 miles, 60 miles, 90 miles or 120 miles distance throughout a month.

Choose to run, walk or cycle the distance you have signed up and you will receive your well earned medal in the post.

Registration fee £13

To book, please visit Virtual Race - The Big Charity Run

Virtual Race - The Everest Challenge

A big challenge for Isolation 2020. Can you climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in 12 weeks? In this challenge, you can go out to the hills on your daily exercise or simply tackle the stairs a couple of times every day..... achieve 8,848m of elevation gain before the end isolation, and this well earned medal can be yours!

Registration fee £13

To book, please visit Virtual Race - The Everest Challenge

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