About the group

A tinnitus support group for people live in or near Chelmsford

Where the group meets

Due to Covid restrictions, the group is currently meeting online. Get in touch to find out how to join! 

When the group meets

Every 3 months on the following Saturdays, 10am - 12noon

2020 Meetings

  • 12 December: Guest speaker, Nic Wray, British Tinnitus Association Communications Manager

How to find out more

Contact Clare on [email protected] 
Or phone the BTA on 0800 018 0527

Additional information

On the left as you enter Coval Lane from Rainsford Road junction. It also houses the Citizens Advice Bureau, but the CVS office is at the other (far) end of the building. Nearby parking is at Fairfield Road or in Townfield Street, near the station.