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About Fantastic Hearing Solutions Limited

Fantastic Hearing Solutions is a family owned and managed business in the heart of Borsetshire. Our friendly and highly trained audiologists offer a complete range of hearing services, including hearing tests, provision of hearing aids, tinnitus management advice and support. We also run a thriving tinnitus support group, which meets on the first Friday of each month at 2pm.

Why Fantastic Hearing Solutions Limited are supporting the BTA

The team at Fantastic Hearing Solutions are enthusiastic supporters of the BTA, as we recognise how much work they do to support everyone in the tinnitus community, from the person newly diagnosed to professionals like us, helping us to help our customers. The BTA's training and information means we can offer the best service possible to people with tinnitus.

Summary of services

  • hearing tests
  • hearing aids
  • hearing aid maintenance and repair
  • sound therapy devices
  • tinnitus advice and management
  • tinnitus support group

Corporate member since


BTA courses/conferences attended

2014 Conference

2015 Tinnitus Adviser Training (Ed Grundy)

2016 Tinnitus Adviser Training (Jennifer Aldridge)

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