Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) is a great way to support the British Tinnitus Association. It allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax-free basis to the charity of their choice

Your donations are taken straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted). This means that every £1 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you are a higher-rate tax-payer it will only cost you 60p. The taxman pays the rest!

As Payroll Giving is a regular, reliable way of giving, it is great for the BTA, as it allows us to budget and plan ahead effectively.

How do I give through Payroll Giving?

First, talk to your employer and find out whether they have a payroll giving scheme already set up. If they do, they will be able to give you a simple application form to complete, stating how much you would like to give, and to which charities. Your donations will then show on your payslip every month.

If your employer doesn’t have a scheme in place, you can suggest that they start one! It is quick and easy to set up by signing a HM Revenue & Customs contract with a Payroll Giving agency who will manage the donations on their behalf. Visit to find out more.