Dr Veronica Kennedy is a Consultant Audiovestibular Physician. While she worked for many years with adults with tinnitus, she is now the clinical lead for the Paediatric Audiology Service at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

She has been a long time supporter of the BTA and was first a member of the PAC in 2007 going on to become Chair. She has since continued to work with the BTA on its ongoing Information Standard accreditation through the development and quality assurance of its leaflets.

Veronica was part of the working group which developed the British Society of Audiology’s national Practice Guidance on the Management of Children with Tinnitus and worked with the BTA on the development of a series of leaflets and workbooks to support children with tinnitus as well as their parents and teachers. She is also one of the faciliatators of the BTA course on the practical management of children with tinnitus