If you’re hearing ringing or buzzing in your ears continually or regularly for a prolonged period of time you should consult your GP.

They will usually check your ears for any common potential causes such as infection or earwax build-up, before referring you to a specialist if the initial investigations bear no results.

Onward referral will usually be to a tinnitus clinic within a hospital ENT or Audiology Department. There, you may be seen by a medically qualified doctor (Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon or Audiovestibular Physician) or by an audiologist or hearing therapist (who will be scientifically qualified)

What happens during the appointment?

During the clinic appointment, you will be asked about your tinnitus and have a full history taken. It is usual to have an ear examination with an otoscope and a hearing test.

You may be given a tinnitus assessment questionnaire. These, together with open-ended questions, help to assess the impact of the tinnitus and any other associated symptoms such as hearing loss, hyperacusis and dizziness.

Further support

A management plan for treatment will then be devised with you, and ongoing support will probably be provided by an audiologist or hearing therapist.

We also have a range of events and support groups which will allow you to gain knowledge and advice from other people living with the condition.

You may also wish to check out our free tinnitus management e-learning programme, Take on Tinnitus.