In February 2016, 25 tinnitus researchers decided to start a new and interdisciplinary research topic on tinnitus. The researchers came from a large variety of different scientific fields including medicine, psychology, audiology, genetics, epidemiology, statistics, mathematics and software engineering. All the partners were convinced that a breakthrough in tinnitus research can only be made by a large team of specialists coming from many different scientific disciplines.

The aim of the Frontiers research topic is to create a publication platform that collects research articles on tinnitus from all these different fields and to make the articles available to the general public at no cost.

Eighteen months later, this research topic has grown to become the largest open access collection of scientific articles on tinnitus in the world. There are over 60 articles, which focus on the different aspects of tinnitus: the neural correlates of tinnitus, genetic aspects, clinical management and treatment, methods for measuring tinnitus, and the various factors that can influence the perception of tinnitus.

Altogether over 250 researchers from all parts of the world have contributed to the research topic, which has received extremely high levels of attention; on 5 October 2017, the number of unique visitors on the research topic website reached the hallmark number of one million! This huge number demonstrates the enormous importance of tinnitus to modern society. Tinnitus is a problem that affects and troubles a large percentage of our society and deserves a lot of attention.

How can you use the tinnitus research topic for yourself?

All the articles, tables, figures and author information are openly available and free of charge for everybody from all over the world. You can read the articles to inform yourself and learn about a special aspect of tinnitus. Even though the articles are not always easy to understand, the abstract as well as the figures and tables are usually very informative and understandable.

This knowledge can help you to better understand tinnitus in general and finally to better understand your own tinnitus. Also, you can use the list of contributing authors in order to find out if there is a tinnitus researcher close to your area.

You can find the Frontiers research topic following this link: