My name is Rachel and during the first lockdown of the pandemic in April 2020 I suddenly developed debilitating tinnitus in my left ear. The sound was unbearable. I am pretty sure this was due to COVID, maybe not the illness itself but the mental impact of it being in lockdown. There was no switch off. It was 24/7. There are different sounds to tinnitus but this was a constant high pitched electric sound almost. As a result, I suffered with a bout of depression because of it and it was very difficult day to day living with it. I couldn’t do much and honestly wondered how I would manage in life when I couldn’t hear anyone speak and couldn’t turn this sound off. I sought help at urgent care convinced something was wrong with my brain. 3/4 months later with the amazing help of the NHS and British Tinnitus Association I learnt to live with it and cope. Currently it is almost gone. I have spikes for which I can wear my hearing aid which has a white noise function to mask the tinnitus. But I cope so much better now and most days can do without my hearing aid. This has the potential to be a terrible problem for anyone suffering with it and can affect their life severely. The sound is so loud but no one else can hear it. It’s a nightmare in your head.
So, I am climbing Mount Snowdon Tuesday 1st June 2021 with my partner and in doing so, would love to raise money for this cause to find a cure once and for all. The climb is 9 miles - I will find out the estimated steps and then post for definite the steps after I’ve completed with my Fitbit! Any donations would be gratefully received and thank you for taking the time to read this and to support this amazing cause and organisation. Please take the time to read on this website about tinnitus and the amazing work the BTA do to help people living with it. ***UPDATE*** Our climb is scheduled for Tues 1st June 2021. We are taking the Llanberis path up and down. I will post pics on here of training once I work out how to do it!

Rachel Jackson