Hear Us Out is our campaign urging people with tinnitus to speak out about the condition and share information with their GPs to help other people with tinnitus.

The campaign, which tied in with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Annual Primary Care Conference & Exhibition in Glasgow, is aimed at empowering individuals with tinnitus to speak out about the condition.

An integral part of this is to help people with tinnitus talk to their GPs and we're asking you to take a new resource we’ve created called “Tinnitus – What to say to a patient” to your GP.

The postcard sized guide contains phrases we hope will help a newly diagnosed tinnitus patient feel less anxious about what can be done and how they can get support.

We often hear from people who have been to see their GP and have been told to "go away and learn to live with it", or told "there's nothing that can be done" and we want to change this.

We feel the new resource, along with our document Tinnitus Guidance for GPs will help GPs support their patients, and we hope in turn that this will help reduce repeat appointments.

We want GPs to be able to access up-to-date information about tinnitus and how to help a patient, and that's why we've produced this information specifically for them.


You can help us by downloading the Tinnitus Guidance for GPs and the GP Postcard. Simply take them along to your GP when you have your next appointment, whether it's for tinnitus or not.

If you'd prefer we can send you a pack in the post which contains both of these resources along with a copy of our booklet Living with Tinnitus.

Just email [email protected] with your name and postal address and we will send you a copy in the post.


You can get involved on social media and share your experience, tell us your tinnitus story and share the experience you had when you saw your GP. We will be posting each day and hope you will share, like or retweet the posts so that we can reach more people. Remember to use the hashtag #HearUsOut so we can find your posts.

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Thank you as always for your support. It's much appreciated.