If you need information or support please call our confidential tinnitus helpline. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You can also email us at [email protected], or text us on 07537 416841. We're here to help.

I got to talk to a lady on the phone and she was really lovely to me and understood what I was going through - it helped me so much, my life is turning around now and that is thanks to you.

BTA Helpline Caller

BTA Web Chat 

Are you seeking an online ‘safe space’ to talk about your tinnitus? We're here to offer real time support, exactly when you need it. We listen, advise or direct, whilst engaging with you one to one when you are unable to make a call. ​We want you to feel you are able to communicate at your own pace in your own space confidentially with one of our Helpline Advisers who are on hand to look after you and answer any questions you may have around tinnitus. 

Simply click on on the icon called 'We are here!' at the bottom right corner of the screen to start your chat.

The purpose of our helpline is:

  • to provide clear information about tinnitus
  • give accurate information on support services available
  • provide empathy and understanding about the condition, offering hope to people - which is that is does get better

The team in the Sheffield office, where our helpline is based, have many years of collective experience of supporting people with tinnitus. Importantly, we provide empathy and emotional support to people living with a difficult and often misunderstood condition. Please note that while we do have an in-depth understanding of tinnitus, we are not medically qualified, so we are not able to give medical advice.

Free and confidential tinnitus advice

Please feel free to call our helpline if you need to speak to a friendly, understanding voice.

The BTA meets all of The Helplines Partnership good practice criteria and are therefore authorised to display the member logo on all its publications and website.

  • The helpline does not profit from callers
  • The helpline provides unbiased support and information
  • The person taking the call has been trained and supported
  • The helpline has adequate staff to provide a service during all their advertised opening hours
  • The helpline has a clear policy on what information they can share about a call - you can read our confidentiality policy here
  • The helpline has a policy on making the service accessible
  • The helpline has clear information available regarding complaints about the service - you can read our complaints policy here

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