Capturing Compassionate cAre REsearch – The CCARE Study
How can we measure the patient experience of Compassionate Care?

Compassionate care provision is a priority across healthcare. But what does compassionate care actually look like to patients? How can this experience be captured in a simple questionnaire? How can we ensure this questionnaire is of good enough quality?

About the study

Compassionate care is really important, so there is a need to capture patient experiences to check that the care they received was compassionate. The Compassionate Care Measure (CCM) is a new questionnaire that aims to measure these experiences. It asks patients to think of one contact they had with a healthcare professional in the past month and to rate how much they agree with a series of statements about the care they received. This project aims to check that this measure is of good enough quality to be used to improve services and patient care.

What will it involve?

Taking part in the research would involve 20-25 minutes of your time to complete some online questionnaires. Anyone aged 18+ who has been in contact with a healthcare professional in the past month can take part in the study.

There is no payment for participating in the study but you can be entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon voucher worth £25. If you would like to be entered into this draw you would need to provide your email address at the end of the survey. You do not need to provide your email to participate in this research.

The survey

participant info sheet and consent form

Who is involved with this research project?

Ellen Huish, Clinical Psychologist in Training, University of Bath, Principal Researcher
Dr Liz Marks, Clinical Psychologist and supervisor for this research project, University of Bath.
Dr Lucy Maddox, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and supervisor for this research project

If you have any questions or would like to be posted a paper version of the questionnaire please contact Ellen Huish on [email protected] or 07815 657139

If you have any concerns related to your participation in this study please direct them to the Department of Psychology Research Ethics Committee, via email: [email protected].

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash