My name is Hampus Bergqvist. About 3 years ago I moved to Mumbai with a friend to make it in Bollywood.

After playing some unusual roles as Spanish gold hunters, Russian hippies, colonial-era British officers and even appearances in India's melodramatic television soaps and several television ads, we started making short funny videos on the oddities of life in Mumbai to post on social media just for fun. These have really struck a chord with viewers in India. After seeing the response we started making more and we now have over 5 million followers on our Facebook page.

Loud situations which Hampus faces

As much as I love acting and making these videos, they often involve getting immersed in loud situations, like driving a noisy rickshaw in the middle of Mumbai traffic, being pulled apart by an angry crowd yelling at me, or travelling to the hospital inside an ambulance that not only has the sirens on, but it is also sounding its horn all the way. In addition to that, I work regularly at festivals, and I also love attending clubs and concerts that often get really loud.

I suffer from mild tinnitus which I really really do not want to get worse.

This is why I always wear earplugs. You can get earplugs nowadays which let you hear what others say around you, and are transparent. This is important for me so they don't show up on the takes, and I feel comfortable wearing them at other loud social events.

My chosen brand is EarDial, but there are others available.

My point is that you should find hearing protection that suits your particular needs and lifestyle because you should definitely protect your hearing from further damage if you already have tinnitus. Consider one that you can carry with you at all times. I always keep mine in my pocket while working at events or going to clubs or concerts. You never know when the music will be too loud and having them in your pocket is great insurance against further ear damage.

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