About the group

The group exists to provide mutual support, empathy and encouragement for those who experience tinnitus, along with their supporters or carers. We hope that members will find an opportunity to share their experiences of the condition and learn more about it.

Where the group meets

All of our meetings planned for 2020 are now cancelled. Later in the year we will be reviewing the format of our future events, when we hope to have a much clearer picture of what can be achieved safely.

When the group meets

We will be maintaining the email group that we started in March 2020; if you already on our mailing list, you will have received an email about this and can get involved.

How to find out more

Email for enquiries: [email protected] 
Our voicemail number is 07307 875851 - this telephone is not normally answered, so please leave a message, your name & number and we will call you back. If you do not have an email address, but prefer to write a message, you can send a text.

Additional details