The British Tinnitus Association was founded over 40 years ago by people with tinnitus, and we’re still working hard to improve the quality of life for people suffering today.

Our membership options are carefully tailored to offer the most benefit to you, whether you are a tinnitus sufferer, an individual professional working with people with tinnitus, or represent a company wanting to demonstrate your support for the tinnitus community.

Which membership is right for me?


If you, or a friend or relative has tinnitus, or you want to support people with tinnitus and the BTA, this is the package for you.

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Memberships for Professionals


The most extensive membership package we offer and the level offered to organisations with more than 5 staff.

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Small Business 

Organisations with fewer than 5 employees are offered this discounted package with benefits more appropriate to smaller companies.

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Public Sector

 Designed for the public sector and non-profit organisations working to support those affected by tinnitus.

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