About the group

This group is run by staff at deaf awareness: NE. Anyone coming to the group can expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere. There's always tea/coffee on the go and we use Speech To Text during the meetings so that anyone not able to hear what is happening can read it in real time. 

During the session, participants are welcomed to share their individual experiences, what works well for them and how they manage their tinnitus through difficult moments. We encourage peer support and usually have on hand people who have habituated and stay in the group to pass on their positive story to others. This has had the effect of showing people new to tinnitus that there can be some light within all the emotional changes they are going through with this new development in their lives.

We do drift away from the topic of tinnitus too and allow for those valuable social interactions that can be really important to people who sense that tinnitus is making their world that bit more isolating.

On a practical front we do have information leaflets at hand during our meetings and we maintain good contacts with local tinnitus professional services, such as the tinnitus clinic and hearing therapists, to guide help members to other useful contacts and services.

Where the group meets

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the group is currently meeting online. Get in touch to receive details on how to join. 

When the group meets

2021 Meeting

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 1-3pm

How to find out more

Contact the organisers at [email protected] or 07734176196

Additional details