About Peter Byrom Audiology Ltd

Peter Byrom (Audiology Ltd) has been providing tinnitus support within the National Health Service and within the private sector for many years. He has now left the NHS to focus solely on providing services to those who struggle with tinnitus.

His MSc at the University of Leeds investigated mild hearing loss and tinnitus.

Current services in line with government guidelines

Due to Covid19, Peter Byrom Audiology Ltd are temporarily closed.
However, hearing aids that require repair can be collected without interaction.
Peter Byrom is holding free tinnitus consultations online. You can contact the clinic here.

Why Peter Byrom Audiology Ltd are supporting the BTA

"I have been involved with the British Tinnitus Association for many years, having previously served a full term on the professional advisory committee. It is an excellent charity which provides untold help to thousands of people every year in a field which I am passionate about."

Summary of services

  • Assessment and treatment of tinnitus

Corporate member since


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