As part of an individual's Professional Membership of the BTA, they are asked to agree to a number of promises which endorse their commitment to the BTA and which form part of the conditions of Professional Membership.

A Professional Member promises to:

  • Support the tinnitus community wherever possible in an ethical and moral manner, taking into account other associated challenges which may be faced by people with tinnitus.
  • Use my work to raise awareness of tinnitus amongst the wider public.
  • Promote in a positive manner the partnership with the BTA, to include use of the Professional Member logo and links to the BTA website.
  • Only promote my partnership with the BTA by way of demonstrating my professional commitment to supporting the tinnitus community and not to illustrate any endorsement of the BTA of a particular product, campaign or service.
  • Only promote myself as a Professional Member of the BTA within the annual period for which membership has been agreed and paid for, and ensure this promotion reflects my individual membership and not any wider company or organisation I represent.
  • Keep the above promises and understand that if I fail in our agreement that the BTA has the right to cancel or refuse this membership with no refund of fees paid