BTA Membership and Renewal

The BTA was founded over 40 years ago by people with tinnitus and is the only national charity in the UK devoted to tinnitus. We are here to support the 10% of people in the UK who have tinnitus and to raise awareness amongst the general public and fund medical research.

Our members tell us that what they appreciate most about their membership is the sense of community and mutual support. Members responses to the question "What do you value most about being a member of the BTA?" include:

"Knowing that I am not alone and have the support of people I have never met but who care!"

"It helps to know about other people's tinnitus and also the latest research on the condition."

"Comforting to know there are other sufferers and know they are coping."

"Belonging to an organisation that understands my problem."

For just £15 per year, you are not only able to support the work of the BTA, but you are also able to take advantage of the benefits of membership, including:

    • Quiet magazine

    • Discounts of items in the BTA shop

  • Free information leaflets and advice

Quiet magazine is packed full of:

    • Advice on managing tinnitus

    • Information about the latest tinnitus research

    • Interviews and real-life stories

    • Product and book reviews

    • Information about support groups and contacts

    • Details of BTA events