Calmer by Nature DVD

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Calmer by Nature Two: DVD by Barry Wheelock

This DVD can help with stress, anxiety and insomnia. There are no people or voice-overs to distract you, not even music - just the sounds of nature.

Calmer by Nature features many relaxing scenes filmed through the seasons, including encounters with:

  • Wild deer in the forest
  • Badgers eating with a fox in moonlight
  • Intimate moments with a nesting swan and her newborn cygnets
  • Swallows, herons and a woodpecker feeding young in their nests
  • Geese and goslings on a lake
  • Watch seals with their pups in the open sea
  • Relax as you drift through multi-coloured seaweed

Running time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Note: Due to some of the birdsong included in this DVD, this item might not be suitable for people with hyperacusis.

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