Deep Relaxation CD

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Deep Relaxation: A Journey by Eileen Hewitson

This CD comprises a series of six deep relaxation sessions which are intended to be followed over the course of several days or weeks.

It is primarily an introduction to deep relaxation and it is not intended that the whole CD be listened to without a pause between each session, this is so that you can absorb the feeling of deep relaxation gently over time.

Teaching yourself to relax does not happen overnight, it may take several weeks before you notice any benefit, although the benefits will actually start from the moment you begin the practice.

By spending time on yourself, you are taking an active part in and control of your own well-being.

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[Eileen Hewitson is a member of the Birmingham & District Tinnitus Group. Eileen has taught patients with tinnitus, balance and hearing problems at City Hospital, Birmingham and has run training courses for health professionals to teach relaxation to their patients and clients. Her hearing loss and tinnitus started in her twenties.]