Small Research Grant programme

Up to £10,000 per year is available for the next three years for smaller projects which meet our research priorities. The fund may be spent on one project, or distributed around more than one.

Who is eligible to apply for these grants?

Our Small Research Grants programme will be open to researchers and clinicians based in the United Kingdom.

Our research priorities

From our work developing the Map of Tinnitus Research, we have been able to identify potential research areas and gaps. From this learning, we have determined the following research priorities:

  • Identification of tinnitus biomarker(s)
  • Development of reliable objective measure(s) of tinnitus
  • A better understanding of animal models of tinnitus and their relevance to human tinnitus research
  • Recognition that tinnitus is a heterogeneous condition and development of strategies to manage that heterogeneity in a research environment
  • Identification of sub-types of tinnitus.

Additionally, we will also consider projects looking to develop ‘a novel approach to curing tinnitus.’

How to apply

Submit one electronic copy of the application form, with a single paged CV of the Principal Investigator including a list of their top five publications relevant to this application, and other supporting documents as outlined on the application form to David Stockdale by email to [email protected]

All documents should be submitted by the advertised closing date.


Closing date

Applications should be submitted by the closing date of 11 October.

What happens next?

All proposals will be reviewed by members of our Professional Advisers' Committee (PAC) and a panel composed of lay members of the tinnitus community. 

The PAC* will review the proposals, scoring them to agreed criteria and make recommendations to the Trustees as to which ones should be funded.

The lay panel will meet to review, discuss and make recommendations to the Trustee board. The meeting will be facilitated by members of the Research Sub-committee.

The Trustees will meet on 5 November to take into consideration feedback from the PAC and lay review processes and will make a decision about which proposals will be supported.

The successful proposals will be announced at the end of November.

*Any PAC member with a link to an application in the round will be excluded from the review process