Managing tinnitus in these times of stress

Have you experienced tinnitus for quite some time and have found that the stress of the current coronavirus situation or the enforced isolation of social distancing is making your condition worse? 

Research shows that stress and anxiety often make tinnitus symptoms worse and there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary social distancing measures being taken could have an impact on emotional wellbeing. The good news is that support is available.

Manage tinnitus during lockdown

As coronavirus continues to impact people across the UK and globally, what can you do to help manage tinnitus in these challenging times?

Follow our tips on managing stress and find out more about tinnitus management techniques that you try out in your own home, whilst staying safe and remaining socially distant.

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Join an online support group

We understand how important it is to get support with your tinnitus, which is why we're piloting three new online tinnitus support groups!

The current Covid-19 pandemic means that most of us are staying home and having previously scheduled group meetings or appointments cancelled. These online groups are our way of continuing this vital support.

You can also hear real-life stories of how other people deal with their tinnitus.

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Talk to us

At times like this, it's important to reach out for personal support. We know that with GP surgeries unavailable and many audiologists operating only a skeleton staff that some typical support routes aren’t available right now.

Contact our Tinnitus Support Team Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm - via phone, web chat, email or text - for information, advice and support.

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Medical tinnitus services

We have prepared some information to help you understand what to expect from tinnitus services during the Covid-19 situation.

Services may be delivered in a different way due to current circumstances but you should still be able to get help.


Need additional support with hearing loss?

The RNID is working hard to continue to help and support everyone with hearing loss during the coronavirus outbreak.

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