About the group

Tinnitus support sessions delivered by trained counselors can help you find a way of managing the condition.

  • Come along to our FREE weekly sessions
  • Discuss your problems & concerns
  • Receive advice and information
  • Gain confidence in a supportive environment

The group can also provide advice and information on Ménière's disease and can cater for the hard of hearing with sign language.

Where the group meets

dDeaflinks Staffordshire
The Ellis Centre
Wellesley Street

When the group meets

Every Wednesday, 2-3:30pm

Special dates:

26 April 2017 meeting: Jayne Clark, Audiologist for Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford, will be available to answer any questions put to her and will talk about the recent change from community hospital audiology to the main hospitals and Specsavers

June 2017 Meetings: we will be holding Tea for Tinnitus parties at our June meetings

How to find out more

Please contact Dot Mantle (01782 222 267; dot@deaflinks.co.uk) or Glynis Harbron (07891 427 798; glynisharbron@gmail.com) for more details.

Additional information

Meetings are free with a small fee of 30p for drinks.

The group enjoying some relaxation!