Thank you

Thank you to all our supporters for raising vital funds for our work in the world of tinnitus. Here are some of their stories.

London Marathon dream team

"Never in my life did I ever think I’d get a medal for completing a marathon, I feel a bit choked. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve met some amazing people along the way with some amazing stories. This is just the start of something new. Challenge yourself – it’s the best feeling ever” - Christina.

The Virgin Money London Marathon was back in-person on Sunday 3 October this year after a long wait. As 35,871 runners took to the streets of London, 22,342 virtual runners completed their 26.2 miles in their local areas, including our wonderful team of  fundraisers. Collectively, they raised an incredible £16,237.98.

Although many have exceeded their fundraising goals, a few still need an extra push. Read how they got on in their challenges and if you can, please help them reach fundraising goals. 

Caroline Minns

As both her daughters live with tinnitus, Caroline was keen to take on a challenge to help raise money to support our work, and what better way to celebrate her 70th birthday than to climb Snowdon. 

"My daughters both suffer from tinnitus and have done since they were young as it is a side affect of their inherited hearing loss. I know from them how difficult it can be to live with and both the emotional and physical strain it can have on people's lives. I want to be able to give future sufferers a chance to hear silence."

Caroline and co. reached the summit of Snowdon on Saturday 18 September and managed to raise an incredible £1,547 - what an amazing achievement!

Read Caroline's and support her challenge

Robbie Pancic

After many delays to the Skye half marathon due to Covid, Robbie successfully completed the event on 11 September 2021.

Not only did Robbie set a new PB for his half marathon, but he exceeded his fundraising goal raising an incredible £612.50 including gift aid to support the work we do for the tinnitus community - well done Robbie!

"Had a good Skye Half Marathon run today. Super event and well organised. Managed a time of 1:37:12 (place 36) beating my time by over 4 minutes (1:41:20 set over 10 years ago, place 69)."

Read Robbie's story and support his challenge

Colin Challenger

Despite many changes to his original fundraising plans due to Covid, Colin completed a mammoth walk along the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal over the weekend of the 4 and 5 of September 2021 to raise much-needed funds for a cause close to his heart, as his mother suffered badly from tinnitus. 

After 11 gruelling hours of walking, Colin completed the 34 miles and massively exceeded his original target of £500, raising over £1,160 including gift aid - well done Colin!

"The weather stayed fine which helped, and although it wasn’t an easy challenge, it was enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated so far - I’m thrilled to have raised so much for the British Tinnitus Association."

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Lynette Lewis

"I decided to do this hike to raise funds for the British Tinnitus Association who have given me, and continue to do so, much needed support to comes to terms and help me with coping strategies for my hearing loss and awful Tinnitus."

Lynette challenged herself to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks with her partner on Saturday 7 August 2021, which turned out to be one of the wettest weekends in summer. 

"Well...we did it, in 12 hours. I can honestly say that it was one of the toughest days ever. You need to be extremely fit and experienced to do the 3 peaks as its no walk in the park. We are now planning our next challenge...but for now...we're having a few weeks off!"

Thank you so much for your support Lynette and well done for raising £380.

Esther Richardson

"The Great North swim 2021 happens almost five years to the day since I woke up with deafening tinnitus...A random virus had attacked the cochlear in my left ear leaving me permanently deaf on one side."

"In my process to learn to live with tinnitus a huge help to me has been water. Being by the sea, a river, or open water has always brought me incredible relief from the tumble dryer in my head. So last year I took the plunge and started open water swimming, and I was inspired to do the Great North Swim for my "thank you BTA" campaign."

Esther completed the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere on 13 June and exceeded her original target of £1,000 and raised over £1,500 including gift aid - well done Esther!

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Ben Wigley

"I have had Tinnitus which is a constant ringing in the ear/ears for around 8 years now. It can be quite debilitating and damaging to mental health, and I struggled to cope with it early on resulting in me shying away from social interaction in my personal and professional lives,  as I struggled to hear conversations and noisy places made it worse."

After completing the Couch to 5K challenge, Ben signed up for The Great Charity Run, where he set a goal to run 30 miles throughout May 2021 and raise as much awareness of tinnitus as possible.

He was interviewed by his local radio station, BBC Radio Humberside, about his experience of tinnitus and his running challenge. 

Thank you Ben for all your support, and well done for exceeding your fundraising goal and raising £470!

Paul/Zbigniew Soj

After experiencing tinnitus for the first time at the beginning of 2020, Paul reached out to our team for support on how to manage his tinnitus and was keen to raise awareness. 

"I ran/walked 100km within frosty February to raise funds for BTA that has helped me a lot with the management of my own fears about my tinnitus as well as provided me with reliable evidence-based knowledge on the treatments available."

During his challenge throughout February 2021, Paul was interviewed on BBC Bradford, BCB Bradford and his story was featured in Telegraph & Argus.

Thank you Paul for sharing your story, providing hope for others and raising £400! You can read more of Paul's story on our blog page

Rosemary Douse

"My big birthday coincides with Tinnitus Week and as I fortunately don’t need any more stuff I’d like to invite those who might have wanted to spend money on me to instead donate a small sum to my fundraiser."

Rosemary set out to raise £70 for her 70th birthday during Tinnitus Week 2021, for a charity close to her heart as someone that lives with tinnitus. 

With the generosity from her friends and family, Rosemary massively exceeding her fundraising goal and raised over £600 with gift aid - thank you Rosemary!

Ella Parris

"Tinnitus has run through my family, massively impacting on our lives. Some days it's difficult to sleep due to constant vibrations, buzzing, ringing, etc. It occurs when I'm really stressed, when it's too quiet, or when I'm trying to concentrate hard in exams."

Ella Parris, 16, completed a 50-mile step challenge in Oct to raise awareness of tinnitus and get people talking. She set up her own awareness page on Instagram - sharing facts about tinnitus, advice and progress about her challenge. Ella's local radio and paper shared her story, raising more awareness within her community. 

Ella exceeded her original target of £150 and raised over £700 including gift aid - well done Ella!

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"My dad has had tinnitus for years but has always just coped with it. On the 26th October 2019 the volume of his tinnitus went so loud it made him ill. I didn’t know anything about tinnitus at the beginning but now having done lots of research I know quite a bit. I was surprised how many people have it including my husband."

With this in mind, Nicola wanted to raise as much as possible to help make sure people can access the support and help that they need. She completed Sober October to get people talking and raise vital funds.

Nicola exceeded her target and raised £340 - thank you Nicola!

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BTA Team

It’s safe to say there are no professional (or even casual) runners within our staff team BUT we want a world where no one suffers from tinnitus. This means we need to help people to manage their tinnitus now and, ultimately, find a cure. 

With this in mind, David, Angela, Jessica, Kerry, Colette, Helen, Helen and Emily, dusted off their running shoes on Sunday 4 October to complete at least 6K each to make up the total marathon distance and raise as much as they could.

Thank you to everyone that cheered our team on and donated to the challenge - we really appreciate your support!

Read more about our team challenge 


"As someone with chronic tinnitus, I'm raising money for this charity because they gave me the support and information I needed about the condition when it first began, which is usually the scariest time."

Soffie decided to make the bold decision to have a sponsored headshave in August 2020 to raise awareness and funds to support the work we do. 

Thank you Sofffie for being brave and exceeding your fundraising goal - an amazing £730 raised!


"I manage my tinnitus, I don't suffer from it" Anthony has been a keen(ish) runner for the last 10 years, but has always run for fun and never run for a charity. 

Over the last few years, he noticed a genuine interest about his symptoms whenever it came up in conversation, so he decided to sign up for the Great South Run on the 20th October and run for the BTA to raise awareness of tinnitus and for anyone who is struggling, and who cannot suffer in silence. 

Well done Anthony for achieving a PB of 1hr 27mins and raising an incredible £659.43!


As her daughter lives with tinnitus and has done since the age of 11, Lorna was keen to take on a challenge to help raise money and awareness for the BTA.

Lorna decided to take part in the new Step Challenge fundraiser by setting herself the goal of walking 5 miles every day in September. She managed to exceed this and complete a total of 170 miles throughout the month - a brilliant achievement! 

Not only did she exceed her walking goal but Lorna raised an amazing £565.28, smashing her target of £400 - Thank you Lorna!


After his dad and good friend were recently diagnosed with tinnitus, Adam got in touch to see how he could raise awareness and money for the BTA. He challenged himself to run his first half marathon at the Great Run in Scotland on the 29 September 2019. He was very pleased to finish with an amazing time of 1 hour 49 mins!

Well done Adam and thank you for raising nearly £300 for the BTA.

Please support Adam and donate to his page here:


Lynne has been one of our amazing volunteers. After taking on the Colour Obstacle Rush in Sheffield last year on 30 June 2018, she supported us again by running the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K on 21 September 2019.

You can read Lynne's story here and donate to her JustGiving page here:

We'd like to thank Lynne for all her hours (over 2 years!) of volunteering and for taking on multiple challenges for the BTA.


Having run the Great Manchester 10K before, Paul kindly dedicated his third time at the event to raising awareness and money for the BTA! He finish with a great time of 52.58 and is hoping to build up to a half marathon from this.

Thank you Paul for supporting the BTA and raising £540!


On 28 April 2019, Ian challenged himself to his first ever Sprint Triathlon in Lincoln to raise awareness and funds for the BTA, as his wife has lived with tinnitus for many years. He wanted to raise funds in order to raise the issue of tinnitus as a disability and highlight the 1000's of sufferers who do not get the support that other disabilities receive.

Thank you Ian, for raising awareness and a total of £622 for the BTA!


After experiencing tinnitus for four years, Rachel challenged herself to run the Brighton Marathon on the 14 April 2019. Running has helped her by providing distraction from the constant sounds and helped her reach a more positive place when thinking about her tinnitus. 

Well done Rachel for completing the marathon and raising a total of £500 for the BTA, thank you!


Having completed a few half marathons before, Phil took on the Amsterdam Marathon on the 21 October 2018 to help support the work of the BTA and give something back to his mum, as her hearing is affected due to living with tinnitus.

Phil then went on to complete the Brighton Marathon on the 14 April 2019 and has signed up to run the Bournemouth Marathon on the 6 October 2019, meaning he will have run three marathons in under a year.

Congratulations and well done Phil! He has also managed to raise £710 so far for the BTA and plans to reach £1000. Help Phil reach his goal by donating to his page here


On the 23 September 2018, Cameron took on the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and chose to support the BTA as tinnitus affects him personally so he wanted to raise awareness of what tinnitus is and how to prevent and manage it.

Huge congratulations as this was Cameron's first time running a marathon and finished in 3hrs 56mins. He also managed to raise £675 for the BTA, so thank you Cameron! 

Find out more about Cameron's story and donate to his JustGiving page here 


Chris recently supported us by running the Cardiff Half Marathon on the 7 October. He wanted to raise funds to help people who suffer from tinnitus, like himself.

Well done to Chris on completing the race in 2hrs 38mins, despite having an injury so close to the event. Chris has already registered for 2019 Cardiff Half Marathon!

You can find out more about Chris' story and donate to his JustGiving page here


Alex took on the awesome 6 Peak Challenge. He was the first to ever attempt hiking up and paragliding down the infamous National 3 Peaks and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in under 24 hours.

Huge congratulations to Alex who completed this amazing challenge in 22hrs 40min, smashing his 24 hour target. He raised over £2000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the BTA.

You can find out more about Alex's challenge here


Peter challenged himself to swim 100 miles over the year of 2018. He wanted to get people talking about tinnitus as well as raising funds for the BTA. Peter's journey with Tinnitus started in May 2015 - you can read his story here:

Well done Peter for completing this challenge and raising £1900 with match funding in the process! If you would like to support Peter, you can sponsor him here: 

Adam and Louise

Adam and Louise organised a Mad Hatters Tea Party as part of our Tea for Tinnitus fundraiser. They raised an amazing £603.90 at the tea party and were supported by Dragonfly Lifestyle and The Coach public house and restaurant. 

Thank you to Adam and Louise for everything they do to raise money and provide support for people with tinnitus in their local area.

Damian and Ian

As an audiologist, tinnitus is something Damian (on the left) comes across everyday. He felt compelled, along with his friend Ian, to raise money for us by taking on the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Thank you to Damian and Ian for smashing their target and raising over £2,600.

Karen and Ruby

Mother and daughter Karen and Ruby ran the Great Manchester Run 10K to raise money for the BTA. It was Karen's 7th time & Ruby’s 2nd! 

They are raised money in memory of their friend Craig Gill. Craig tragically passed away in November 2016, aged just 44. He had suffered for many years with debilitating tinnitus. 

Huge thanks to Karen and Ruby for supporting us with their running challenges and their other fundraising activities.

If you'd like to support us and take up your own challenge, please contact us on 0114 2509933 or email [email protected]