Our Share Your Sound campaign has been created to encourage you to share your tinnitus experience, talk about the condition to others, seek help if you’re struggling and to help us reach a vital audience – GPs.

Making tinnitus visual

Because tinnitus effects people differently, it can be hard for anyone who hasn’t experienced the condition, be that friends, family or your GP, to appreciate the true impact it can have and this can lead to feelings of isolation.

Through Share Your Sound, we really want to get more people talking about tinnitus by uniting the tinnitus community, empowering those involved to talk more openly and making sure people know that there is help out there.


As part of the campaign, we’ve designed a series of images which we hope you will use to show others what your tinnitus is like. They’re a really useful talking point allowing you to share your story in a visual way and making it easier for people who haven’t got the condition to understand. To download your image, please click here.

Reaching out further

We also want to use the campaign to reach out to GPs. Because when we talk to people with tinnitus, the feedback we often get is around the lack of information offered by GPs about how to manage tinnitus and where to go for support.

We launched our Tinnitus Guidance for GPs, we want to continue to proactively support them to provide the best possible care for tinnitus patients. And for that, we need your help.

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