About The Invisible Hearing Clinic

Established in 2000, here at The Invisible Hearing Clinic we aim to provide a friendly patient-centered approach to auditory care from our clinics in Cumbernauld and Glasgow City Centre. 

We base our treatments on a Nuerophysiological model of tinnitus care, and attend both national and international research seminars to ensure our awareness of new developments that might influence our treatment practices and protocols. In the absence of a cure, we believe that early intervention and ongoing support offer great relief to those affected by bothersome tinnitus and/or hyperacusis. Our aim is to achieve levels of habituation and in turn reduction in the perception of noise for our patients. 

We deliver annual Tinnitus Hearing and Information Shows in Glasgow to raise awareness of advances in tinnitus and developments and hearing technology. 

Why The Invisible Hearing Clinic are supporting the BTA

The BTA provides a national (and international) focus point for research, best practice and help to the UK tinnitus and hyperacusis community. We host the Glasgow Tinnitus Support Group as part of the national network of groups facilitated by the BTA. Our aim is to contribute by providing free help and support to anyone who needs it through this local group resource.

Summary of services

  • Tinnitus & hyperacusis assessment, treatment, management and support.
  • Hearing assessments, support and rehabilitation. 
  • Noise protection advice and products. 
  • Ear health and ear wax removal. 
  • A variety of hearing aid products. 
  • Auditory brain training. 

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