The Expo is designed to be a drop-in event where you are welcome to stay as long as you wish but the programme repeats throughout the day. Repeated sessions will allow for you to take in a mix of talks, tasters and other features of the day, regardless of the entry time you book. 

The Tinnitus Expo will feature 70% new and updated content for 2019:

We have a range of talks repeating though out the day covering the following topics:

- Tinnitus research round-up: updates on the latest research  
- Tinnitus and hearing aids
- The BTA and future research
- Healthcare pathways: Treatment choices
- Why haven't we cured tinnitus yet?
- Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Sound sensitivity explained
- CBT for Insomnia: Tinnitus and sleep
- Counselling for tinnitus 
- Understanding habituation 

These talks will run between the following times: