About The Tinnitus E-Programme

The Tinnitus E-Programme was founded in 2009, and so has a long history of providing help for those with tinnitus. Since mid-2018, it has been therapist-supported and provides an online 6 module intervention - walking you step by step - through a process that reduces tinnitus distress using a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach to better manage tinnitus to the point that is has little influence over you. A small percentage of people need Part Two of the intervention, also online, using more in-depth CBT and some really great ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) techniques. Part Two is generally only needed when the initial pre-Part One THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) score is Category 4 or 5.

Debbie Featherstone who runs the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) is a Hearing Therapist and qualified psychotherapist with more than 26 years’ experience in the field of tinnitus management. Prior to taking early retirement in 2010 from the NHS, she was Head of Hearing Therapy Services in East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Why TEP are supporting the BTA

"Working with people who struggle with tinnitus has been my clinical specialism for a very long time. I am very happy indeed to be supporting the BTA in its work now and in to the future as a corporate member. A lot can be achieved when groups, organisations and individuals pull together and for my part - especially with the Tinnitus E-Programme - it feels the right thing to do to join forces with the BTA in support of what we all want to be a brighter future for those struggling with tinnitus so they “struggle much less” and preferably, not at all."

Summary of services

  • Online CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme Part One 6 Module intervention
  • Online CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme Part Two
  • Clinical assessments for tinnitus - online
  • Online one-to-one tinnitus management for those that prefer to work individually
  • Online one-to ones take place on the fully encrypted secure Telehealth platform Zoom

Corporate member since


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