During Tinnitus Week we want to show the real impact tinnitus can have on those who experience it.

We're asking you to get involved in our #ThisIsMySilence campaign by sharing a photo and your own words on your social media channels to explain to others how tinnitus affects you.

As a hidden condition, people without tinnitus do not truly understand the huge impact it can have on someone's life: on the ability to get a peaceful night's sleep, to concentrate, or just to enjoy silence. Tinnitus can and does have a huge impact on mental health and we need your help to make more people aware of this. The more we show the real impact tinnitus has, the more likely we are to be successful in making tinnitus research funding an urgent priority.

Get involved

So, from 1 February to 7 February it's simple. You choose your photo. You choose your words. Be as honest and open as you like to explain your tinnitus - or the tinnitus of those you care about - to others. You can tag in friends, family, celebrities. The sky's the limit. Let's get our voices heard this Tinnitus Week.

Please be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and include the hashtags #ThisIsMySilence and #TinnitusWeek in your posts so that we can share, RT and like as many posts as possible.

We've shared some examples below to give you an idea of what other supporters plan to post onto their social media channels on 1 February.

My #tinnitus is my constant companion, a fluctuating high pitched tone that is more noticeable on some days than others.

Acceptance is a journey.

#ThisIsMySilence #TinnitusWeek @BritishTinnitus @BritishTinnitusAssociation

My #tinnitus is there all the time. Sometimes I don't recognise it if I'm busy or listening to music etc. but it's easily recognised at night when trying to get to sleep. It can be stressful and aggravating at the same time. 

There is no cure but my hope is that one day there will be so that others don't have to worry about it in the way that I have. 

#ThisIsMySilence #TinnitusWeek @BritishTinnitus @BritishTinnitusAssociation

I live with #tinnitus - a constant noise in my head. I refer to it as the “Big T”. The sound is usually similar to a fairly high pitched buzz-like ringing but, if I am particularly stressed, which has been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic it can be more of a very loud whooshing sound and a high pitched whine all mixed up together.

It is often distracting, very annoying, debilitating, distressing, and having the luxury of complete peace and quiet are now in my past #ThisIsMySilence.

If you are living with and are impacted by #tinnitus please consider sharing your story in a post and help us raise even more awareness about it during #TinnitusWeek in 2021. @BritishTinnitus @BritishTinnitusAssociation