September 2019 update

The research is now complete, and there's a full report here

August 2017 update

Dr Samantha Lear will be at the BTA Conference presenting the results of her study looking at the relationship between tinnitus, hyperacusis and anxiety in children aged 8-16 years. This study took place at Sheffield Children’s Hospital earlier in the year.

August 2016 update

Tinnitus is thought to affect between 13% and 53% of children, but very little is known about tinnitus and hyperacusis (heightened sensitivity to everyday sounds) in children.

Dr Sam Lear at Sheffield Children’s Hospital is undertaking a study to find out whether levels of anxiety in children are higher for those with more severe tinnitus, and to compare anxiety in children with and without hyperacusis.

Sam will recruit children aged 8–16 years attending Hearing Services at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, who will be asked whether they have tinnitus and its severity using child-friendly 0–10 scales. They will also be asked about hyperacusis, and to complete a short, specially constructed questionnaire to measure their anxiety.

The aim of the study is to help audiologists and doctors to know whether to include treatment for anxiety when they are seeing children with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis, and thus to improve the treatment children receive.