This information has been written by the BTA and the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) to help you understand what to expect from tinnitus services during the Covid-19 situation.

  • Services may be delivered in a different way due to Covid-19, but you should still be able to get help.
  • Face-to-face appointments may not be offered.
  • You may be offered a consultation by telephone, or by video call.
  • If you are offered a choice, you may find a video call more helpful.

Video call

You can use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer to make a video call. You will need internet or wi-fi access. Your device may have the software (or app) already in place, or you may need to download it. These are generally free for personal use.

AgeUK have a good guide to making video calls and the options available – you can find it here:

On a video call, you will be able to see your clinician. If you are hard of hearing, it is possible to lip-read on a video call, and some services offer live subtitles.

Your clinician will also be able to share information on the screen with you or demonstrate devices.

Telephone call

Although we recommend video consultations where possible, telephone calls may also be offered.

What will your appointment cover?

Your clinician will tailor the appointment to your needs, but it is likely that the call will cover:

  • What tinnitus is and how your tinnitus affects you, including your emotions
  • Discussing ways to manage tinnitus whilst social distancing
  • How to access resources and support
  • Discussing the use of hearing aids and sound therapy. At this time, it will not be possible to test your hearing or to offer hearing aids. Your clinician will explain what will happen when services resume.

Your clinician may post out to you a record of the things you have agreed to use to manage your tinnitus.



Support from the BTA:

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Take on Tinnitus is the free tinnitus management programme from the BTA

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Author: Nic Wray

Updated: 31 March 2020