We need pro-active volunteers to help us expand our reach in the UK tinnitus community.

The roles below are simply a guide to things that you could do, if you would like to combine the roles or create your own, just let us know!

To volunteer, please sign up HERE

Volunteering Opportunities

Virtual befrienders

This role aims to help reduce the isolation felt by people with tinnitus through the use of the telephone or internet. The role involves befriending one or more people with tinnitus through regular telephone or online contact from the volunteer’s own home. A staff member will keep in regular contact with you and we will ensure you have tinnitus awareness training and some basic training around safe guarding as appropriate.

Consultation group volunteer

We are always looking to improve and develop services and projects for people with tinnitus. The Tinnitus Consultation Group is a group of people with tinnitus and those who support them who we can consult with about what we do now and want to do in future. Types of things we might ask for your help with: reading literature and commenting on content and accessibility, reviewing websites, testing tinnitus apps, looking at our new digital activities, mystery shopping our services, testing products and writing reviews, and telling us what you think about our ideas.

Collection box volunteer

Would you like to help fundraise for us in your local community? We’re looking for friendly, confident people to take on the role of collection box volunteers. Your role would be to connect with local supermarkets, shops, doctor’s surgeries and any other suitable venues, to try and secure new locations to place a BTA collection box.

You would then have responsibility over maintaining locations, depositing and transferring money and keeping accurate records whilst receiving lots of support from us.

This role is a great way of adding value to your community, developing admin skills and meeting new people. As we receive no government funding our work relies on the generosity of our donors and the support of people like you. Help us to create world where no one suffers from tinnitus.

Community outreach volunteers

The BTA has a range of publicity material which we use to promote our services. As an outreach volunteer we ask that you research and visit doctors’ surgeries, community centres and libraries, which you will then visit to distribute publicity materials; this will help us raise awareness of tinnitus and help people in your community to access help to manage their condition.

Talk about tinnitus speakers

Our Talk about Tinnitus speakers take stories about the impact of tinnitus and how the BTA supports people to community groups around Britain. All volunteers receive a standard PowerPoint presentation about the BTA although not all presentations need to involve projectors and PowerPoint.

Promotions and events volunteers

Our promotions and events volunteers represent the BTA at local conferences, exhibitions and events and promote our work to the public. As a promotions and exhibitions volunteer we hope your attendance at conferences and events will help inspire people to get involved with BTA.

Case study volunteers

We are contacted by the press for personal experiences of tinnitus on a regular basis. We need different volunteers who are successfully managing their tinnitus for each request, which is why we are always looking for new case studies. We want your experience to be a personal story which will appeal to a journalist. We never send out full names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses without asking your permission.