Help us understand music listening habits by installing the BTA Loudness Study app on your smartphone

We're looking for Android smartphone users to take part in a study exploring music listening habits and its relationship to hearing problems.  We’re interested in discovering the ways in which people listen to music through their smartphone devices, how people interact with music apps on smartphone devices and the duration and intensity of music listening.

We will anonymously track music information and volume (on a pre-agreed list of apps) to understand music listening behaviour in terms of length of time using music apps and adjustments in volume settings. At the end of your participation, you will be given the option to review a report breaking down your daily listening habits.

Download the loudness study app.

It will run in the background for four weeks, asking you a few daily questions in the fourth week of the study. Following this, the app will automatically deactivate and can be uninstalled.

This project is funded by the British Tinnitus Association and is a collaboration between the University of Southampton and University College London.

For more information please visit: Listening Initiative