Exercise, wellbeing and tinnitus


Regular exercise helps the body achieve a higher level of wellbeing and in most cases this helps people to ignore and cope with their tinnitus better. If you are not used to exercise, starting with a gentle walk is a great way to build up your overall fitness levels. Increased exercise can also help you to sleep better, so try to do a range of exercises.

You could add to your usual daily total by going for a walk at lunchtime, a stroll in the evening, and a wander over the weekend.


If your mind is occupied with something absorbing, it is easier to forget about the tinnitus. Work, leisure pursuits and other interests can all help to provide a worthwhile focus. If you don't have a hobby, now might be the time to start something, many people say that painting or writing helps. Bear in mind however, that excessive activity may produce stress, so take time for relaxing activities and social interaction where possible.

Together for tinnitus

Get your friends, family and work colleagues involved! As well as challenging yourself, why not challenge your friends, family and your work colleagues to be part of the challenge. You can work as a team to collate your steps and walk so much further!

So try to add a few more steps onto your daily average and reach your destination quicker!

To sign up to our new step challenge, please complete our application form by clicking on the link below.


The BTA Step Challenge - increase your steps, improve your wellbeing.