Please note that as a peer support group, this is not a substitute for an individual tinnitus management plan and individual medical advice cannot be given at the meetings. Many people find it helpful to share their experiences with others and offer tips on what works for them.

When does the group meet? 

4th Wednesday of every month, 7:00-8:30pm (GMT)

Who should attend?

  • As the meetings will be delivered in Welsh, participants will need to be able to speak and understand Welsh
  • Anyone who is struggling with their tinnitus
  • Anyone with tinnitus who is managing it and wants to share tips/advice with others
  • Family members and/or friends of those attending are encouraged to join as well

Who will run the meeting?

  • Clare Young, British Tinnitus Association Volunteer with experience of tinnitus

I was diagnosed with tinnitus in 2000 after an operation was conducted on my ear drum. Over the years I have experienced a range of different sounds and as a result been through the process of attending countless ENT appointments. In recent years I have finally learnt how to manage and accept being able to hear my own brain speaking to itself! I now accept that it is just a part of me. I originally visited the BTA website to learn more about tinnitus but I ended up participating in an online tinnitus art study. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this study as it not only helped me to visualise my own tinnitus but it also gave me the opportunity to speak to other people living with tinnitus. It taught me that I am not alone and that everyone has their own experience. I have been a college lecturer in North Wales for the past 21 years therefore I understand the importance of being able to communicate in your native language. For this reason I decided to volunteer to start a support group through the medium of Welsh, to give Welsh speakers the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other.

What do you need to attend?

  • You will need to register by clicking 'Book Now' below
  • A computer, tablet, or smart phone with the Zoom app installed
  • A willingness to participate and share experiences with others in the group
  • Preferably a quiet, private space with limited distractions